Drop & Hook Services

Keep Your Supply Line Moving

Depend on our drop and hook freight company in Lubbock, TX

You have a trailer fully loaded and ready for delivery, but there's one small hitch. You don't have a driver to deliver the goods. LG Logistics Co can solve your hauling problem. We're a drop and hook freight company based in Lubbock, TX that serves the surrounding 50-mile radius. With our wide range of transportation logistics services, you can count on us to move freights of any size.

Arrange for trailer delivery services now.

Solving all of your logistical issues

Moving freight around Texas can be a complicated job. You have to keep track of trailers, where they need to be unloaded and loaded and which drivers you have at the ready. Thankfully, we can fill any gap in your supply line. We can:

  • Move an empty trailer to a new location for loading
  • Deliver a loaded trailer to its destination
  • Bring unloaded trailers back to you

We can handle transportation logistics for freights of any size and will ensure your freight arrives safely. Contact our drop and hook freight company today for more information about our services.